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Little Inferno – Review

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Little Inferno is a puzzle game, developed by Tomorrow Corporation, and independent developer.  It never seemed particularly puzzling, you are given things to burn and a list of things that can burn together, once you’ve burned through enough things you get a bit more story. I really didn’t expect find the game that enjoyable, I’d seen a demo of it where I was just burning items and thought it could be cathartic.  It’s a very good fire simulator, things burn very realistically.  What I didn’t expect when I started playing…read more

Candy Crush Saga – Review

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I started playing Candy Crush Saga on Android and eventually tried it on Facebook.  It is a free to play match 3 game with some interesting differences to existing games like Bejeweled.  It became very addictive to me for a long time, to the point where my phone would die halfway through the day from playing it. It works very well as a free to play game, as you can at any point spend real money to make the game easier, but if you work at it and have patience…read more

Escape Goat & PixelJunk Eden

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These two games can in the same Indie Royale bundle I picked up a while ago so I thought I’d give them a try this weekend. Escape Goat by MagicalTimeBeam is a very retro style game, almost to it’s detriment.  You play as a goat that has been imprisoned for witchcraft (must be in Nigeria) and you must escape by solving puzzles.  There are virtually no graphics options, just “stretch to fit” and the pixel art is more pixely than usual.  That said the game has some really interesting puzzle…read more



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Yet another great game from the Steam Cube Pack (along with Blocks that Matter, EDGE, and Q.U.B.E.), I’m really getting my money’s worth on this one. RUSH actually shares a lot in common with EDGE (not just it’s desire to write in all caps) only instead of controlling the cube going around the environment, you have to set up redirects for the cubes which I believe is a bit like Lemmings.  It was very easy to get sucked into this game for 3 hours, which was enough time to complete…read more


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I picked up Q.U.B.E. in the Steam Cube Pack along with Blocks That Matter and EDGE (so this is really turning out to be a great pack) and has probably been compared to Portal about a hundred times, so I’ll try not to do that here (other than I just did). Q.U.B.E. is a first person puzzle game where your character can manipulate some of the blocks that make up the environment.  In effect this game is a physics based puzzle platformer, which it does really well for the most…read more