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Yet another great game from the Steam Cube Pack (along with Blocks that Matter, EDGE, and Q.U.B.E.), I’m really getting my money’s worth on this one.

RUSH actually shares a lot in common with EDGE (not just it’s desire to write in all caps) only instead of controlling the cube going around the environment, you have to set up redirects for the cubes which I believe is a bit like Lemmings.  It was very easy to get sucked into this game for 3 hours, which was enough time to complete the easy and medium difficulty puzzles. RUSH was one of the indie games that Steam infused with GLaDOS last year when Portal 2 was about to come out so there are some extra bonus levels and extra voice over by the original GLaDOS voice actor.

Some of the puzzles in the easy and medium levels were actually challenging to figure out, which lead to a rewarding feeling of accomplishment when I completed them.  The puzzles in hard mode require an extra degree of lateral thinking, using switch plates next to walls or counting on the cubes to run over them twice in order to choose the correct path.

Pros: Fun, challenging, easy to start, hard to master

Cons: Some of the levels are designed so extravagantly that it’s hard to get a good camera angle to set up your moves