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Assassin’s Creed 3

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Assassin’s Creed 3 is a third person action adventure platforming assassination/history game from Ubisoft Montreal.  I had pre-ordered the game for PS3 from EB Games when they first offered it, but something about the game information that was being leaked, my opinions of EB Games, and my growing dislike of “owning” physical media for an outdated system made me cancel it.  That said I recently renewed my Game Access subscription specifically to rent these kinds of games that I find myself playing once and then never again.  I had wanted…read more

Halo 4

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 Halo 4 is a first person shooter created by 343 Industries (taking over from Bungie) for the Xbox 360.  This game follows the exploits of Master Chief, who hasn’t appeared since Halo 3 (a game in which I own but have yet to unwrap, which means I really don’t understand the story in the slightest).  I was fortunate enough to play this game through in it’s entirety in co-op mode with my friend while visiting.  I can’t really speak to the single player aspect of this game, but judging from how often…read more

Resistance: Fall of Man – Game Review

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Since I never bought my PS3 at launch, I easily skipped over this launch title which already has a sequel available.  Natalie was nice enough to let me borrow her copy and I beat the game over the last week.  I wasn’t expecting to like it, it’s basically a first person shooter like Gears of War or Halo, but then as I started playing it I remembered that I loved those games.