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Sarah Silverman Fucking Jimmy Kimmel

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I had heard about these videos for a while now, and I finally got around to looking for them.  Surprisingly it was sort of hard to find them all on YouTube.  It’s a very funny series of gags, and the only thing that really bugs me is the censorship, it basically  ruins the joke.  It’s like watching the Dick in a Box video censored, just not as funny. Anyway, since I went to the trouble of finding all these related video’s I thought I’d make a single post where you…read more


Sarah Silverman

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A few weeks ago I saw Sarah Silverman on a show or something, and I remembered about her show The Sarah Silverman Program and decided to download the 3 seasons that have been produced so far. While looking for her show, I found a stand up special called “Jesus is Special“, so I decided to get that also.  I also found a story about how she was boo’d off the stage on her first trip to the UK, because her show cost 50 quid and only lasted 40 minutes.  Apparently…read more