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Remember Me (Game) Review

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Remember Me is a third-person Action-Adventure game developed by Dontnod Entertainment.  I rented it for the PS3 from In Remember Me, you play as Nilin, a female memory hunter in a future Paris destroyed by terrorists and weather phenomenon and in the middle of being rebuilt with the help of a large corporation called Memorize that invented devices that can hook into a persons memory and import and export individual memories like a hard drive known as Sensens.  The memory hunters are essentially rogues that hunt down and steal…read more

Tomb Raider (2013) – Game Review

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Tomb Raider, released in March 2013, is an Action Adventure Platform game developed by Crystal Dynamics and is a reboot/origin story of the legendary English archaeologist Lara Croft.  I rented the PS3 version from Game Access, though I hear the PC version has substantially better graphics, the PS3 version wasn’t bad at all. The story follows a young Lara Croft as she goes out on her first expedition as the junior archaeologist to the famous Dr. Whitman, who is funding the expedition to find the Yamatai, the Japanese kingdom where…read more

Uncharted 3 – Game Review

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I seem to recall liking both Uncharted and Uncharted 2, but after about 45 minutes with Uncharted 3 I was thinking it couldn’t be true. I think Uncharted 3 suffers a little (or a lot) from following Batman: Arkham City and really cannot hold up to it in many ways.  It’s not really a terrible game, it just has some issues that seem archaic after playing Batman. Let me say that I did play it all the way through without getting so frustrated that I put it down.  When I…read more