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Dungeon Defenders – Game Review

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Dungeon Defenders is a third-person mix of tower defence and action RPG developed by Trendy Entertainment.  I didn’t spend very long playing this game solely because it’s not really my style of game at all.  I almost wish it was, because it has a great art style and solid gameplay.  There are plenty of varied character roles and RPG elements to upgrade your character. I think a part of the problem was that I was playing solo, this seems like it could be a very fun game if playing with…read more

Atom Zombie Smasher – Video Game Review

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I really didn’t expect much from Atom Zombie Smasher, which came in the Humber Indie Bundle 3.  I was hoping I could quickly try it, hate it, and remove it from the giant list of games I haven’t gotten around to even trying yet.  If I can get some of these indie titles off the list, I should have time for the AAA titles that take a lot longer to get through. Unfortunately people keep making really good indie games, and Atom Zombie Smasher is no exception. The story is…read more