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Little Inferno – Review

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Little Inferno is a puzzle game, developed by Tomorrow Corporation, and independent developer.  It never seemed particularly puzzling, you are given things to burn and a list of things that can burn together, once you’ve burned through enough things you get a bit more story. I really didn’t expect find the game that enjoyable, I’d seen a demo of it where I was just burning items and thought it could be cathartic.  It’s a very good fire simulator, things burn very realistically.  What I didn’t expect when I started playing…read more

Frog Fractions

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Frog Fractions is a web browser game developed by Twinbeard Studios and is described as a spoof of “edu-tainment” games.  It is free to play at the website and should be played at least long enough to buy a few of the upgrades to realize the potential, by then you should be hooked and could potentially finish the game in one sitting. The game begins with the player controlling a frog on a lilypad and protecting fruit from bugs that are swarming from the top of the screen.  You control the…read more

Waking Mars

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Waking Mars is a 2D adventure game developed by Tiger Style for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux.  Nominated one of the best mobile games of 2012 for the Independent Games Festival.  I grabbed this game in the Humble Bundle for Android 4 which included the Steam key when the game was finally green lit a few weeks later. I did try this game on my phone on new years day but I got only so far and decided to give it a break when I didn’t know where to…read more

Escape Goat & PixelJunk Eden

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These two games can in the same Indie Royale bundle I picked up a while ago so I thought I’d give them a try this weekend. Escape Goat by MagicalTimeBeam is a very retro style game, almost to it’s detriment.  You play as a goat that has been imprisoned for witchcraft (must be in Nigeria) and you must escape by solving puzzles.  There are virtually no graphics options, just “stretch to fit” and the pixel art is more pixely than usual.  That said the game has some really interesting puzzle…read more


Indie Game – The Movie

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I’ve mostly gotten away from reviewing movies on my blog but this one is totally worth breaking that trend. Indie Game – The Movie is a documentary about indie game development in general via the specific stories of Braid developer Jonathan Blow (post Braid), Super Meat Boy developers Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes (mid release of Meat Boy), and Fez developer Phil Fish (pre-release of Fez).  By following these three developers at different stages of release you get a better idea of the overall release cycle, and the kinds of…read more