Little Inferno – Review

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LittleInferno-featuredLittle Inferno is a puzzle game, developed by Tomorrow Corporation, and independent developer.  It never seemed particularly puzzling, you are given things to burn and a list of things that can burn together, once you’ve burned through enough things you get a bit more story.

I really didn’t expect find the game that enjoyable, I’d seen a demo of it where I was just burning items and thought it could be cathartic.  It’s a very good fire simulator, things burn very realistically.  What I didn’t expect when I started playing was that there is a little back and forth story between a neighbour who sends you notes and gifts, and an underlying dark storyline that progresses slowly at first.


Before I knew it, I’d spent over 5 hours playing and finished the game, which is a great length for me and for a game like this.

There are also lots of cute little somewhat inside jokes.

This is a great example of making a fun mechanic in a game into a cute little story that pretty much could only be told by an indie.

Pros: Simple mechanic is easy to get into, cute story, good progression, not too long.

Cons: Sometimes you have to burn something you already burned to make enough in game money to buy something new.