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Indie Game – The Movie

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I’ve mostly gotten away from reviewing movies on my blog but this one is totally worth breaking that trend. Indie Game – The Movie is a documentary about indie game development in general via the specific stories of Braid developer Jonathan Blow (post Braid), Super Meat Boy developers Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes (mid release of Meat Boy), and Fez developer Phil Fish (pre-release of Fez).  By following these three developers at different stages of release you get a better idea of the overall release cycle, and the kinds of…read more

Bomb It – Documentary Review

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Bomb It is a documentary about the rise of graffiti artists in Philidelphia, New York, and around the world.  It was very interesting to see the roots and some of the amazing art that people can put on a wall overnight.  I think it’s unfortunate that some of them feel it’s not proper art, and others that feel it’s not right unless it’s done illegally, also the violence that has surrounded this art seems completely unnecessary. Summary: If you are interested in graffiti then find this movie, it’s pretty interesting.