EDGE – Game Review

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I picked up EDGE with a few other cube related games in the Steam Cube Pack, along with Blocks That Matter.  This is a simple game idea, you control a block that can move in 4 directions along a 3D world path avoiding obstacles and triggering switches to get through the puzzle.  It’s a little like Marble Madness only you have better control of your positioning since you aren’t rolling all over the place.  It’s very easy to pick up and play for a few minutes or a few hours, though I tend to not play it for extended periods.  So far I’ve made it through 25 of the 48 “Normal” challenge mode levels, which is more than enough for me to recommend the game.  It is well paced, allowing you to master one skill before adding in another, and in certain places has a good help system to give you a hint how to pass a particular obstacle when it requires a new trick.

I just noticed on Steam that EDGE also has new free DLC adding in 40 new levels, not bad for $4-8.


Pros: Simple controls, minimal penalty for mistakes, builds on established techniques at a good rate

Cons: Fixed camera angle and over-zealous controls often cause unforced errors, music gets repetitive