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EDGE – Game Review

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I picked up EDGE with a few other cube related games in the Steam Cube Pack, along with Blocks That Matter.  This is a simple game idea, you control a block that can move in 4 directions along a 3D world path avoiding obstacles and triggering switches to get through the puzzle.  It’s a little like Marble Madness only you have better control of your positioning since you aren’t rolling all over the place.  It’s very easy to pick up and play for a few minutes or a few hours,…read more

Blocks That Matter – Game Review

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I decided to buy an indie bundle (shocker, I know) from Steam called the Cube Pack, which included a bunch of cube themed games (BIT.TRIP Runner, EDGE, Critical Mass, Q.U.B.E., RUSH, and Blocks That Matter – You know they are serious because of all the capitals), for about $10.  This bundle is totally worth it if only for Blocks That Matter, it is a great 2D platform puzzler with all kinds of nostalgia for the games I love. The basic idea is that  you control a robot that has the…read more

Puzzle Agent – Video Game Review

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I picked up Puzzle Agent during a Steam sale (probably at Christmas) with some other puzzle type games and finally got around to trying it out.  I was nearly turned away completely by the cartoony graphics and animations, but then it through a puzzle at me and I was hooked.  Three or four hours later I had finished the game.