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10 Games that have stuck with me through the years

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My friend Brad Heitmeyer recently challenged me to list the top 10 games that have stuck with me and had some effect on my life. I felt that this would make a decent blog post so here it is. Because the list was so long (over 30 titles) I have cut out some of the iconic games that just didn’t form a strong bond with me, if I can’t remember myself playing it, it didn’t stay; and I had to cut the games from the last 10 years because it’s…read more

Little Inferno – Review

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Little Inferno is a puzzle game, developed by Tomorrow Corporation, and independent developer.  It never seemed particularly puzzling, you are given things to burn and a list of things that can burn together, once you’ve burned through enough things you get a bit more story. I really didn’t expect find the game that enjoyable, I’d seen a demo of it where I was just burning items and thought it could be cathartic.  It’s a very good fire simulator, things burn very realistically.  What I didn’t expect when I started playing…read more

Remember Me (Game) Review

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Remember Me is a third-person Action-Adventure game developed by Dontnod Entertainment.  I rented it for the PS3 from In Remember Me, you play as Nilin, a female memory hunter in a future Paris destroyed by terrorists and weather phenomenon and in the middle of being rebuilt with the help of a large corporation called Memorize that invented devices that can hook into a persons memory and import and export individual memories like a hard drive known as Sensens.  The memory hunters are essentially rogues that hunt down and steal…read more

Candy Crush Saga – Review

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I started playing Candy Crush Saga on Android and eventually tried it on Facebook.  It is a free to play match 3 game with some interesting differences to existing games like Bejeweled.  It became very addictive to me for a long time, to the point where my phone would die halfway through the day from playing it. It works very well as a free to play game, as you can at any point spend real money to make the game easier, but if you work at it and have patience…read more

Dungeon Defenders – Game Review

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Dungeon Defenders is a third-person mix of tower defence and action RPG developed by Trendy Entertainment.  I didn’t spend very long playing this game solely because it’s not really my style of game at all.  I almost wish it was, because it has a great art style and solid gameplay.  There are plenty of varied character roles and RPG elements to upgrade your character. I think a part of the problem was that I was playing solo, this seems like it could be a very fun game if playing with…read more