Transformers: The Game – Game Review

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There is a new Transformers Movie and a Game released to go along with it.  This is not the review of that game, this is the review of the game that came out with the first movie, which I think was last year?

I don’t know, anyway long story short the game blows.  I started as an autobot, which means you play as Bumblebee (fail already).  Literally within 5 seconds of playing the game, all the cars in town got into a huge pile up, and I was no where near them (bad game AI).  I eventually tried out the Decepticon side, you play as Blackhawk, it was a bit better since your basic goal is to shoot and blow stuff up, but ultimately that got old very fast.

Regardless of which side you choose the game is basically this: turn into a vehicle, race to a destination, turn into a robot and shoot stuff, repeat.  That wouldn’t be a bad formula is racing was fun, it’s not much different from a bad racing game or GTA 3; or if the shooting and blowing stuff up was fun, which it isn’t.  The targeting system is busted and only targets things when they are very close and basically run past your reticle, and the weapons are boring, either a fast shooting weapon or a slower rocket launcher type weapon.  Basically everything you need to kill is vulnerable to one of the two types, it doesn’t take long to figure out which.

I got this from today, played it for an hour and will ultimately send it back to them tomorrow.

Summary: Not really even worth a rental, I’ll probably see if they fixed the problems in the sequel, it’s in my queue.