The Nines – Review

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I had forgotten I wanted to see The Nines back when it came out until I was wandering through Blockbuster and saw it on the shelf.  Ryan Reynolds plays three seperate characters in the film, and actually it’s more like three seperate plots where all the actors play different roles, but they are somehow related in minor ways.  If I ever knew what it was about, I had forgotten; and I think that was for the best.  I can’t say much about the plot without explaining every twist.  In the end it’s as interesting as that John Cusack movie where he was in a small hotel with 10 other people who are killed off one by one, Identity.  I really didn’t see where this movie was going until it was explained to me, and I found myself going back, after about 100 minutes in, to the 30 minute mark to see if I could figure it out, which I couldn’t.

There are a lot of good throw-away comments that are really funny, and not played for a laugh as such, which I love.  I also love when a movie has tie-ins at the beginning of a movie that show up later, and help to fill in the overall story.

I expected the movie to be a horror, because I had totally forgot any plot point or trailer I would have ever seen, and I think that’s the best way to see this movie.  Trailers always spoil good movies, in the pursuit of saving you from bad ones.  I was pleasantly surprised by this movie and how well it ended up being.

Rating:  Definately rent this movie, I may buy it.