The Incredible Hulk

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Today is a two-fer because I didn’t get around to writing a review for Burn After Reading, that I saw on Friday, until today.  I didn’t make it home much on the weekend.

I didn’t get around to watching The Incredible Hulk in the theatres, and now after seeing it at home, I feel it would have been spectacular on the big screen.  I had heard mixed reviews, and if any excuse exists it might be that there is little explanation as to the origin of the hulk; they explain it as such, but not to the length the Hulk movie from 2003 did (for it’s betterment).  I think if one is familiar with the back story, it’s more than sufficient to pick up a couple years into the chase.

The creature/villian in a Hulk movie is always going to be a bit over the top, because otherwise it’s hardly a challenge and this one is no different.  There is an art to making special effects not look like they came out of a computer, and I think there is actually a lot of that in this movie, but nit-pickers will only notice how the Hulk doesn’t really look real;  He just can’t, no matter what a big green dude running around throwing Hummers is going to be unbelievable.  But a giant green Hulk free running over the tops of New York buildings is fairly satisfying and the fight on the college campus in the bright sun is gorgeous and got me right into it.

I thought it was a bit odd bringing out Hulk and Iron Man in the same year, but the cameo at the end really helps explain the bigger picture they are working in the following years (spoiler of sorts if you follow).