The Da Vinci Code – Review

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As I’m always topical and up-to-date on the newest movies, I watched The Da Vinci Code last night.  I was never really interested in the book when it came out, or the movie when it was released.  I really don’t like movies that are either “based” on real events or mix facts with fiction, I hate not knowing where the interesting facts end, and the rediculous fiction starts.

Anyway, I decided I’d watch it, and ultimately it was alright; nothing great, but not terrible.  There really just isn’t anything I feel worth mentioning about this movie, watch it or don’t, I doubt it will make a difference in anyone’s life regardless of your choice.  I saw the preview for Angels and Demons tonight and I assume it will be more of the same.

Rating: You will probably end up seeing at some point in your life, if you go out of your way now, you will have to sit through it twice, which is a waste.