Taken – Movie Review

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I started to write my review of Quantum of Solace as I was watching Taken and very quickly turned my entire attention to Taken, which explains my unusually short post on Quantum of Solace.

In the movie Taken, Liam Neeson plays a retired spook who just wants to be a bigger part of his daughter’s (played excellently by Maggie Grace (“Lost”)) life.  Against his better judgment he allows her to take a trip to Paris, and no sooner does she get there and she is kidnapped by human traffickers.  Luckily he is on the phone with her when this happens and he immediately goes into action mode to save her.

The spy stuff and the fights in this movie seem very plausable and real, he doesn’t get off the plane and have his “contact” meet him to give him a bunch of gizmo’s and weapons, he just uses his wits and his hands to work his way up the chain to the big wigs of the organization, not sparing anyone along the way.  He is a complete badass that anyone would want in their corner when the shit went down.

Again I want to say Maggie Grace was perfect in this role, at the time the movie was filmed she was about 25, but she is playing a 17 year old so convincingly that I thought I was wrong when I saw her.  I thought she was the girl from “Lost”, but then I settled on her just being some younger girl who resembles her.  At no point did I think she wasn’t a 17 year old.  Really surprising.

This is a fantastic movie and I’m surprised I haven’t heard more of it, everyone should see this movie. 10/10