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I bought Braid in the Humble Indie Bundle 3 which seems like a long time ago now, but I never got around to playing it because I thought it was just a standard platformer. Braid is anything but standard. It is a platformer, and it’s making a bit of fun of Mario Bros. as you go to each castle a dinosaur comes out and says “The Princess is in another castle” but the gimmick is the time manipulation ability. Because you can rewind time whenever you want you don’t have lives,…read more

Limbo – Game Review

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[youtube][/youtube]I played Limbo for about 3 hours one night when I decided to try it out.  Eventually I got too tired to keep my eyes open and quit, and I didn’t play it for several weeks afterwards.  I finally ran it again today and it turns out I stopped about 10 minutes and 2 puzzles from the end, hehe. At first I thought Limbo was just a style piece with no real gameplay, something you show to people to justify games as an art form or something.  The whole game is…read more

The Fourth Wall – Game Review

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I came across a story on Rock, Paper, Shotgun today about this game and it seemed to have such an interesting idea that I gave it a play. The Fourth Wall is a side-scrolling platformer with a puzzle element.  At any point, after the first few introductory screens, you can hold Ctrl and the screen will stop scrolling when the character moves.  In addition when the screen is held in place this way, moving off the right side of the screen will make you appear on the left, and vice-versa. …read more

Prince of Persia – Game Review

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I just finished the Prince of Persia game for PS3, it was a fantastic game, right up my alley. The game is basically a platformer/puzzle solving game, with a little battle thrown in to add some variety, and the free running and platforming play really well and are forgiving enough to not be annoying.  For instance when you run past a ring, you can press O before, during or after it and it will not penalize you, but if you don’t press it at all, you will falll down.