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Sleeping Dogs – Review

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Sleeping Dogs is a 3rd person open-world action-adventure game developed by United Front Games and published by Square Enix for Windows, PS3, and Xbox 360.  I rented the PS3 version from Game Access after hearing some positive reviews for it.  Sleeping Dogs was started as a True Crime: Hong Kong game, following the series which is essentially a Grand Theft Auto -like.  The story follows an undercover cop with the Hong Kong Police Department who has childhood friends and rivals in the fictional Sun On Yee triad gang, which makes…read more

Max Payne 3

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Max Payne 3 is a third person shooter developed by Rockstar Vancouver for the Playstation3, Xbox 360, and Windows.  I rented it for the PS3 from Game Access.  The story follows Max as a retired detective who spends his days in bar and his nights feeling sorry for himself for losing his wife and child (presumably in the previous game, which I didn’t play).  The game starts In Media Res and tells most of the story through flashbacks that you play through.  As the story progresses you learn that Max…read more