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The High Road

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Chapter 2: The Seven Suns Coster Market Located in the heart of Neverwinter’s Protector’s Enclave, the Seven Suns Coster Market is an open-air market where merchants set up stalls daily to sell their wares. Great archways lead into the courtyard of a plaster building decorated in shades of ochre and mustard. Banners of red fabric stretched across the courtyard provide shade for the bustling market below, where crows of citizens browse the well-stocked stalls that line each wall. “This is definitely the place” explains Elivania, “I’d like to find a…read more

Our first Dungeons and Dragons campaign

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A few months back my son said he wanted to play a campaign of D&D with the family, but he didn’t want to be the dungeon master. I volunteered to DM despite having no experience even playing D&D before. I buried myself in books and websites and learned some tricks of the trade. We started playing a few weeks ago, and I started to take notes, so I’m going to keep our session notes here from now on, as the textblock in was getting full. Enjoy! Chapter 1: The…read more