Star Wars Force Unleashed – Game Review

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I literally (at 3:46 AM) finished Star Wars Force Unleashed.  It’s pretty fun running around as an all-powerful Jedi, you don’t really fear anything you come up against and you have all the coolest powers.  What I did come to hate were the so called “quick-time events”, this is the first game I’ve played with this mechanic since Dragonlance and I don’t care for it.  The character is doing some amazing combo that the developers feel the player wouldn’t be able to do themselves, but the whole time I am staring at the middle of the screen to see which buttons I have to hit.  At least some of them, once you get in them don’t kick you out if you make a mistake, they just start the sequence over again.  

There were several frustrating moments where I didn’t know what to do, and I was just running around or dying over and over, I found it very necessary to look up certain tactics or what to do next in the walk-through.

The final boss fight I chose to fight the emperor and I just died several times and was going to give up when I read the easiest strategy which allowed me to win the next attempt.  There was also a glitch where during my fight with Vader, he suddenly stopped attacking and nothing I did would damage him, I had to die in the elemental damage area.

Another thing that bugged me, the guy is a Sith/Jedi and when he gets knocked on the ground it takes him like 4 seconds to get up, and then he’s kinda groggy which sometimes leads to being combo’d over and over until you are dead.

Probably the worst part of the game was the loading times, even in the menu system, go from one menu to a sub-menu and there is a loading screen, ridiculous.  Sometimes the loading of the next cut scene leaves out any kind of segue such that you will jump down a hole and the next cut scene loads up and you are walking into a room, they should have spent another second or two showing him landing and walking in a door or something.

Summary: It was a fun game, but I don’t think it’s worth taking the time to beat it, and I wouldn’t want to play it again now.