Star Gunner


A game I’m playing around with in my spare time.
Controls: [Escape – Pause game] [Mouse – Move camera] [LMB – Fire cannon]

Left To Do:
– Sound when hitting asteroid (technically you wouldn’t hear anything in space)
– Some kind of gameplay or reason, though it’s pretty fun just shooting stuff now
– Proper turret model with textures
– Add in dynamic planets in 3D space possibly with an atmosphere shader
– Explosions for firing
– UI, may need some game play elements to justify the UI
– Better system for spawning new asteroids to avoid “pop-in”
– “Ship” movement through the asteroid field to make those farther ones come at you
– Limit how often the player can shoot (and reduce an energy bar over time)
– Add in a missle for RMB
– Upgrade system?
– In game store?

Update 8:

– The asteroids were really shiny and bright, replaced the spec shader with a simple bumped diffuse, reduced sun light and ambient light considerably

Update 7:
– Fixed Skybox seems
– Added a rudimentary pause by pressing esc
– Controls updated to use the mouse to aim, much more responsive
– Mostly behind the scenes code changes to run more smoothly
– Removed the [REDACTED], it was barely noticeable and added a lot of overhead (can you notice if I don’t tell you?)

Update 6:
– EXPLOSIONS!!!!! (my first attempt with the Shuriken system)
– Added more ambient light
– Removed the angular drag from the asteroids (this is space) which required a drastic reduction in rotation modifiers
– Tighted up the spawn radius
– Added more Asteroids
– Asteroids can now spawn larger than before
– Scale the mass to match the mesh scale
– Shooting asteroids causes them to break up into asteroid pieces from the asteroid pack by Noeinz (

Update 5:
– Updated the Asteroids pack with better colliders and textures (now only 4 varieties)
– Added a different texture to the turret so it wasn’t so washed out
– Changed the environment light to be a bit brighter and blue to match the nebula
– Added a spot light on the turret to better see objects you are aiming at within range
– Updated the respawn code to use Tags

Update 4:
– Added sound to blaster bolts
– 5 Asteroid models from pre-release asteroid pack by Noeinz (
– Asteroids now can spawn from multiple models and with a random scale
– Fixed a bug which caused Asteroids to always move towards positive regions of space

Update 3:
– Found the problem with the skybox, it was exported low res
– Created a very basic asteroid mesh with Blender (I don’t know how to create a material for it)
– Added a reticule to help with aiming

Update 2:
– Change the skybox into a plain starfield (using SpaceScape (
– Better system for handling out of range, probably a trigger volume
– Animations (turrets when shooting)
– Added a simple UI (NGUI (
for score display, currently getting points for every hit.
– Sped up the camera movement and the asteroid movement and rotation

Update 1:
– Replaced the sphere bullets with something more like a plasma blast
– Made plasma blasts destroy themselves on impact