Sarah Silverman

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A few weeks ago I saw Sarah Silverman on a show or something, and I remembered about her show The Sarah Silverman Program and decided to download the 3 seasons that have been produced so far.

While looking for her show, I found a stand up special called “Jesus is Special“, so I decided to get that also.  I also found a story about how she was boo’d off the stage on her first trip to the UK, because her show cost 50 quid and only lasted 40 minutes.  Apparently one of the hecklers yelled “I’ve seen longer clips on YouTube”.

Regardless I finished downloading all 3 seasons of her show and the stand up special.  I watched through the special, and if you remove the pre-recorded bits and songs it probably does only run 40 minutes.  The whole routine she never got any big laughs, only a few chuckles at certain points, I didn’t laugh once.  The musical numbers are the same type of “comedy” only in song.

Basically her whole schtic is that she is a jew, she has a vagina, and she tries to be edgy with racial comments.  By themselves I think there is a lot of comedy in these things, but it’s done so matter-of-fact that it isn’t funny.

So I figured she just isn’t great at stand up, not every comedian is.  I may be considered by most of my friends as very funny, but I doubt I could do a decent stand up routine.  So I tried her show, after I’d been watching it for a while, I had to check how much longer there was, and I was apparently only 12 minutes into it with about 10 minutes left.

I still figured she deserved another shot, not every pilot is good, and sometimes it takes a while for the show to grow legs, so I watched the second episode.  Unfortunately it was more of the same, unfunny humour that probably sounded really funny while she was high.

Apparently she is very smart, and I think I can tell that a bit, and something about her I find very alluring.  I think she is hot, I just don’t think she is funny.  Shame really.