Righteous Kill – Review

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Al Pacino and Robert De Niro have made over 100 movies in total, over 25 are considered to be great.  This is not one of them!

I think a lot of people believe if you throw enough good actors at a movie, it will be great; and people might think this is going to be this decade’s Heat.  I would have rather watched Heat twice instead of this movie.  When this movie was over I turned to my friends and said “That was dog shit”, and then we commented on how we felt it was 3 hours of our life we won’t get back, surprised to realize it runs less than 1h45.

To the actor’s credit I think the acting was passable, but it was ruined mostly by cinematography, writing, and editing.  From the opening credits onward there are so many interstitial cuts that don’t add to the plot, and actually remove any sense of coherence that you can quickly give up on following it.  I didn’t see the “twist” at the end because, frankly, I didn’t think the movie was capable; I really thought it was so poorly written that the guy you think is the killer throughout, was just going to be the killer.

After you know the twist, you might feel like I did in that you have seen this plot before; I wish I knew where, it was probably a much better movie.  The Carla Gugino plot line seemed to exist purely to fill out the length, add something pretty to look at, and some awkward sex scenes.  Curtis (50 Cent) Jackson is a terrible actor who cannot be understood through most of his mumbled lines, and should be considered a deal breaker for any future movies someone puts him in to “get the youths”.

Rating: I would do just about anything else rather than see this movie.