Ratatouille – Review

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I finally got around to watching Ratatouille, the animated movie about a rat who wants to be a chef, a chef that can’t cook, and the Parisian restaurant that makes their dreams a reality. I shouldn’t be surprised that a Pixar movie turns out to be fantastic, but I really didn’t have high expectations for this movie, and I was remarkably overwhelmed.
I think the magic comes from treating animated movies as a blockbuster live action movie, the cinematography, lighting, scenery, voice acting and story are amazing and should not be relegated to be only for kids.
I don’t remember animated movies being this good when I was a kid, and I think that is because they weren’t. There were some little jokes for the parents who had to sit through them, but generally the movie was kid-oriented. Gladly those times have changed, and now animated movies are for everyone as they should be.
Considering my previous misgivings for this movie, I should probably seek out any other Pixar movie, like Cars that I passed on due to not liking the trailer, and make sure I see them. The creative team behind movies like Ratatouille, Toy Story, WALL-E, The Incredibles, and A Bug’s Life are on a completely different level of film making.

I haven’t been using my rating scale for my past movie reviews (I may go back and edit them), so I’ll start now.

Rating: I would buy this movie on DVD/Blu-Ray, worth seeing with anyone who comes over and hasn’t seen it.