Prince of Persia – Game Review

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I just finished the Prince of Persia game for PS3, it was a fantastic game, right up my alley.

The game is basically a platformer/puzzle solving game, with a little battle thrown in to add some variety, and the free running and platforming play really well and are forgiving enough to not be annoying.  For instance when you run past a ring, you can press O before, during or after it and it will not penalize you, but if you don’t press it at all, you will falll down.

In the game you have a companion who will save you whenever you fall and drop you off at the last bit of solid ground you were standing, this may seem like making it too simple and never having the fear of death, but it’s always an unrealistic fear anyway, better to focus on the fun aspects.

One of the best parts of the game is the writing.  The story plays out with great twists and story arcs.  The voice acting is fantastic, with some humour mixed in with great delivery of witty comments.  This will make a great movie someday (they are currently making one based on the Sands of Time) if it has the same great writing.

Summary: I rented this game, I probably wouldn’t play it a second time if I owned it, but it is definately something to play.