Nightwatch and Daywatch – Review

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Technically these are two movies, but they are so intertwined and I saw them one night after the other, I’m reviewing them as if they are one. Nightwatch and Daywatch were written and filmed in Russia, and the story revolves around two groups of supernatural beings that coexist with normal humans on the planet, one of light that guard against the night (Nightwatch) and one of dark that guard against the day (Daywatch).  The complete story is somewhat muddled, maybe by the translations and maybe a little by the editing, and therefor I won’t go into it much.

When I first heard about these movies, I heard the special effects were great.  Maybe people grade it on a curve as it comes out of Russia, it’s not bad really, but it’s nothing I haven’t seen before (granted it was made in 2004).  Ultimately everyone has a different power, but as the movie progresses it gets to the point where everyone has multiple powers which you had never seen them use before, and figure if they’d just used that power earlier it all would have gone much more smoothly.

In the end as you start to wonder how they can fix everything a giant Deus Ex Machina presents itself and everything is “put to normal” in a way.

Rating: If you like somewhat obscure films or you hang out with people who do, you might want to see this just so you have a common frame of referrence.  Otherwise you could skip it.