I’m done with World of Warcraft

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I finally got around to cancelling my World of Warcraft game account today.  I forget all about it until I get my credit card bill, which unfortunately is sent out the day before the subscription is charged.  This means the statement I’m looking at is the charge from December 15, and I’ve already been charged for January 15; I’ll get that statement in a month.

When I finally got out of playing Everquest, Star Wars Galaxies, and Anarchy Online I figured I was done with persistent MMORPG titles that require a monthly subscription and never end.  Then Jason got me into WoW with their free trial account.  I spent two years playing WoW, I started about a month before the first expansion pack came out, and stopped about a month after the last one came out.  I just stopped having fun playing it, and what’s the point of a game if it isn’t fun?  The problem is you get talking with other people, and it becomes something you do for them instead of with them.  This is basically the feeling you get when you help a real-life friend do something that you would rather not, but instead of having the benefits that come with helping out friends, there are no real-world reciprocity in online games.  With real friends, you would feel bad if you decided to not hang out with them anymore, but I don’t about these online friends (really more like acquaintances).

Right now I’m enjoying playing games that have an end (of sorts), I just finished Assassin’s Creed, I’m halfway through Mercenaries 2, and now I have plenty of time to try out different games because I’m not spending all my free time playing WoW.