Hard Reset – Game Review

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I picked up Hard Reset during an Indie Royale deal because I heard it was a serviceable shooter with some good effects from a relatively indie team.  Turns out Hard Reset is a serviceable shooter with some good effects.

It’s fairly short, less than 7 hours at my slow pace, HowLongToBeat.com is putting it at 5 hours, but it gives a decent game in that short span.  There are plenty of upgrades and the game finished right after I got the last upgrade that I felt was worth while.  If you wanted to you could play through accentuating a different play style, I went with the rifle and subsequent upgrades, almost completely ignoring the fancy energy weapon.

One thing of particular note is the in game UI which is all rendered on 3D planes in the world, especially the upgrade shop and door controls.  I really liked this feature and really added to the immersion, not unlike Dead Space.

There is also a lot of destructible environments and bonuses for destroying stuff, or destroying stuff with the environment.  This makes it fun to blast the scenery, and should be incorporated in more games (even if it makes as little sense as a cop getting a bonus score for destroying public property).

The story, cut-scenes, and voice acting is mostly terrible but you can easily skip every part as if they knew it wasn’t great.

All in all a decent shooter for the price and time expenditure.


They released more of the game, apparently there is now an ending to it, whereas before it just sort of stopped.  I would have liked to play through it, but unfortunately my save game wasn’t saved, though my stats were.  I don’t feel like playing through this game a second time just to see an end to a terrible story, which is a shame.