Forgetting Sarah Marshall – Review

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After sitting through Appaloosa on Monday I decided to watch something a bit more entertaining, which turned out to be Forgetting Sarah Marshall.  Peter (Jason Segel, also the writer) is an aspiring composer who has just broken up with his long-time girlfriend Sarah (Kristen Bell) and decides to take a vacation in Hawaii to forget her, but unfortunately finds she is there too, and she’s with a new man.

I really like Jason Segel on How I Met Your Mother, I think he has a natural comedic charm that comes through very well on film.  I wasn’t sure he’d be able to play the lead in this, but he really pulls it off.  Kristen Bell, of Veronica Mars and Heroes fame, is adorable but is completely blown away by Mila Kunis who plays the hotel clerk who Peter starts to fall for.  Mila Kunis is fantastic in this movie, it’s perfect casting and perfectly played, I might look up some of her other movies now.

Paul Rudd steals every scene he is in, but I’m fairly certain that is what he’s hired to do, since he’s done it in every movie I can think of.

The only thing I’m not too sure about is why they felt I needed to see Jason Segel’s dick about 4 times.  It’s not that I’m sexist, I’d probably wonder the same thing if I saw a woman’s vagina 4 times in one movie (I’m talking to you, Sharon Stone).  I’m guessing he’s just proud and not easily embarrassed.

Rating: Totally worth seeing for a bit of fun and that warm feeling you get inside from a happy ending.