Borderlands DLC – General Knoxx Review

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I have been playing Borderlands off and on for over a year since I got the Game of the Year Edition and I love it, I just play it so much that I need to take a break after each DLC.  I am continually amazed at the quality and quantity of these Borderlands DLC packs, this one took me another 20 hours or so to complete;  Great stuff.

I went through with my ever more powerful Soldier who is nigh invincible now.  Still there is a lot of great improvements over the original game, or even Dr. Ned’s.

The in game cut scenes are much more fluid and characters really seem to move well in them.  Lots of new vehicles, and the ability to zone while in a vehicle was a great fix.

The voice acting, as always IMO, was superb and the jokes and barbs from General Knoxx were great and original.

Right near the end of the DLC my character maxed out on money, which has the strange effect of making me not care about loot any more.  Basically I look at a weapon, if it’s better than I have (almost never) I take it, otherwise I don’t even pick it up.  Previously I would pick up every weapon and only drop them when I was in the middle of a mission and something that was worth more had dropped.  This technique obviously led to me selling higher priced weapons and getting max money a lot faster.  It will be interesting to see how this plays out going forward in the last DLC which I may start in a month or so, in time to finish before Borderlands 2 releases.