Batman Arkham City – Game Review

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I bought Batman: Arkham City for PS3 on release day from Wal-Mart (because it came with a free copy of Arkham Asylum GOTY edition) and finished the main story mode on Saturday.  This may seem like a quick turn around but it’s really more about the extreme amount of play I put into it.  I really didn’t do anything else outside of work and sleep.

I really enjoyed Arkham Asylum when I rented it, and Arkham City is so much more of what I loved.  The story is great, and the writing was perfect.  Without spoiling anything I think it was a great turn at the end.

I think what really makes these games so great is the feeling of being Batman.  You have all the cool gadgets, and you can take on 20 guys with no trouble if you spend some time getting used to the combat system, which is extremely robust.  There were some moves that I didn’t even know existed until after I beat the game.  When I beat the game it said I’d completed about 58% based on the side missions and riddler trophies etc I hadn’t collected.  I then played all Sunday and most of the two nights since and gotten all the riddler trophies, finished all the side missions (including the catwoman missions) and I’m still only at about 80% because I still have the challenges to do.  This is all before any of the DLC has been released, which should include playable Robin and Nightwing.  Because of the Wal-Mart deal I also have lots of extras that I didn’t get to play in Arkham Asylum because I only played the normal version instead of the GOTY edition with all the DLC.

Honestly it was a great deal even paying full release day price, which I almost never do.

I could go on and on about how fun this game is to play, but it’s all been said before by just about everyone so I’ll leave it at that.  I have plenty of other games on the go right now, but they all took a back seat to Batman.