Babylon A.D. – Movie Review

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This is one of the many bad movies I’ve watched over the last few days, and I won’t be spending much time on them.  Babylon A.D. is set somewhere around 40 years in the future, where America has closed it’s borders for fear of terrorism and everywhere else is pretty much a warzone.  Vin Diesel plays a retired U.S. Army something or other who is now a mercenary.  He’s hired to take a woman from a convent to New York, but there is something special about this woman that everyone wants to get their hands on her.

I think the story is based on a book, and that would probably be ok, the story wasn’t terrible, the action sequences weren’t that bad, it was mainly the acting from everyone involved.  One remarkably bad actor (as always in my opinion) was so heavily made up I didn’t recognize it was Gerard Depardieu until the credits.

Summary: You can skip this movie and see Chronicles of Riddick instead and have way more fun.